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“Anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. [...] You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”  ―Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


I stumbled upon Dr. King’s words a few days ago. I stopped. I read them again. Then I cried.
He is right. Anybody can serve. You can serve through your actions – and you can serve through your words.
You don’t need to be a “great writer” (whatever that means) or a “famous blogger” with a gigantic audience to serve through your words.
All you need to do is set an intention – “I am writing to create a shift in perception.” “I am writing to help solve a problem.” “I am writing to help one person feel less alone.” – and then put your words on the page.
If you can help even just one human being to feel stronger, braver, safer, more connected, more hopeful, more informed, more inspired, or more loved through your words… you have done a great service.
Who will you serve, today, through your words?
Oh dear Ms. Alexandra Franzen why are you so awesome? How do you know the words that need to drop in my email inbox at just the right time? The above section of text is directly from an email that hits my gmail inbox on a perfectly timed, not annoying schedule. If you do not know about Alexandra Franzen, please run, sprint and maybe jog if that’s all ya got over to her blog. My typical gmail maintenance system is this; select all, un-click anything from Alexandra Franzen, Sian Richardson and Anthropologie, next step delete all.
With that being said her message today was so heart-warming. Like a nice chia latte for the soul [yep chicken soup doesn't really do it for me].I believe with Senior Portraiture we have the ability to serve. Serve others not ourselves or our artistic egos. Truly serve the young girls that step in front of our cameras. Help them to see true beauty at a time when it’s all so confusing and superficial.
How will you use your business to truly serve others? Thank you Alexandra for the thoughtful email, for the heart pounding self evaluation. Your words are serving me, that is for sure!

It’s July, Happy New Year!

blogheader We are 100% officially half way through 2014. How are those New Years Resolutions coming?  You are now waist deep into the year, summer is in full swing and if you have taken the Senior Blueprint course you are busy with your senior reps and booking summer sessions for the Class of 2015. This may seem like an overwhelming time to reevaluate your goals &  resolutions. To be perfectly honest it is just the right time.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Taking a pause and look at what you may have added to your business that is nonsense and fluff. Taking a big deep breath and look at the things you can do a bit more of or a bit less of. Don’t let the rest of the year go by making the same mistakes. Keep up the good work & let go of the time consuming tasks that yield very little positive results. I did the same. I stopped. I looked and I LISTED.  3 things for my business & 3 things for me. Recommit!

  1. Create my 6 month blog calendar.
  2. Stop dragging feet on that one ‘secret dream’ idea for my business.
  3. Plan & Shoot back to school mini sessions for all ages.
  4. Return to my morning devotional time. [I have slacked & my days are always better when I spend time in prayer first]
  5. Recommit to couch to 5K
  6. Do this : 30 day smoothie challenge

- What is your recommit, happy half new year resolution list? Just take a few minutes and take a quick look at your business. No need to wait for a whole year to go by, reevaluate often, it is the only way to make sure you are staying on track.

Happy July



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Happy Life Curator : Kelli France Photography

What advice do you have for quick growth/opportunity and staying balanced? 

I share 3 Organizing Tools that Changed my Life in this video.

If you can pinpoint one thing that has truly contributed to your current level of success what would it be?

I’ve always let my passion be my guide and sometimes I’ve had to “fake it till I make it.” Also, helping others.

What activity truly replenishes your spirit? 

Shopping. Sunshine. Reading. Running.

What makes your heart soar?

Helping teens feel beautiful inside & out, teaching photographers, & fashion. 

What strength have you found within yourself you never knew existed?

Helping others see their creative potential


Favorite comfort food?

Cadbury Mini eggs


Happy Life Curator : Leah Remillet Photography


What did you think you would be when you grew up?

I thought I was going to be a combination between Celine Dion and Whitney Houston… Turns out, it was only meant for the shower.

Did you fearlessly start your business or did you have lots of fears/doubts?

I think we all have fears and doubts but I pushed through anyways. Every time one of those fears popped up, I chose to believe that it was affirmation that I was on the brink of something amazing.

How has being a mother changed your goals?

I started my photography business with a 3 year old, 2 year old and a 4 month old – brilliant timing right?! ;)  Because of this, I had always known that I was building my business around my family. I actually didn’t choose photography first. I’ve always been an entrepreneur and was missing it terribly, I decided that photography would be my best median as a mommy. Being a mommy  #1 profession and wanted to build a business around that. When I saw lifestyle photography I fell in love and instantly knew that this would be how I could harness my love

Senior Photography_05


If you can pinpoint one thing that has truly contributed to your current level of success what would it be?

Refusing to give up! My very suborn nature has helped me to constantly look for another way. If it doesn’t work the first time (or second or third) or if someone says it can’t be done… It’s like my own personal challenge to prove that it can and it will. The number one takeaway I wish I could impart is that I’ve failed and anyone who’s ever had success would say the same. It’s not nearly as much about getting it right as it is about picking yourself up every time you get it wrong.

What is one thing you would like to tell your ‘just about to step out towards my dreams’ self?

Don’t hold back. Don’t waste time worrying about if it doesn’t work…If it doesn’t than readjust and come at this dream from another angle and another angle until it’s your reality. Everything is possible, so get determined, get focused, get a little crazy and run (not walk) toward what’s waiting for you.

Senior Photography Vancouver, WA

How do you curate a happy life?The first step is to define what your happy life looks like. What does your perfect day to day look like and then you take that day you break down your wishes and start planning to make them reality. For example, when I did this exercise I imagined everything slowing down, having time to work out in the morning and take 30 minutes to enjoy my lunch over a magazine. I then started planning and structuring for making that happen. It was harder than you would think. I had to go to bed a bit earlier so I could wake up earlier. And to get that lunch I had to figure out where those 2.5 hours were going to come from each week, I ended up hiring someone to free up one task that would then allow me to  have plenty of time for that lunch.


Ok, some just for fun questions:

If you had to choose only one album to spin for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?  I actually really love silence or a great audio book over music. 
Which color evokes happiness?   Anything bright Lately I’m really into emerald green and fuschia pink 

Favorite comfort food? Dungeness Crab (I’m a bit weird)