Senior Blueprint V.4

blogheaderIt is back by popular demand, an overwhelming flood of request for one more round this year couldn’t be ignored. Starting setting your Senior Portrait business up for success in the years to come.

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Super excited to make this announcement…

Registration has opened for Senior Blueprint V.4


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Over 70 photographers have taken the leap and joined the Senior Blueprint family. Senior Blueprint Alumni and V.4 Students already are having good soulful conversations in our private Facebook group. We are chatting about rep programs, organization and the biggest challenges we face as senior portrait photographers!  We hope you will become a part of the this supportive group.  Don’t go it alone, learn from 5+ amazing photographers, guest speakers and your fellow students.

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Want to know the teaching line up, price, if we include an amazing posing guide [yes we do]?   All the details are here.

Oh and you can totally do it all while wearing your slippers and plaid pajama bottoms. We teach class in our coziest close so you won’t feel bad learning in them. All awesome content and learning happens on line and can be reviewed anytime, downloads are available for the life of

Thank you so much to all the teachers for the incredible information they shared. In all honesty, Senior Blueprint literally changed my outlook on my high school senior business especially my senior rep program. One of the best parts for me is having lifetime access to all the on-line materials. I can review it anytime. Thank you for your generosity and continued support.
Susan Willis - Susan Willis Photography



Learn shooting, organization, pricing, products, business basics, styling, social media strategies, rep programs! Honest to goodness pretty much everything you need to know to run a senior portrait business!

Yay for a customizable blueprint, oh and a tiny bit of hand holding. 



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Testimonials from Senior Blueprint Participants:

I have never been so ready to jump head first into something in my life. There was so much information that it was well worth the money spent. I am more confident in my self and my business! Thank you Courtney for such an amazing online workshop!!
Juanita Snodgrass
Kaydan Jane Studio

After completing the Senior Blueprint course, I made some changes to the products I offer, based on what I saw in the course. Adding a few unique items and changing the way I presented others impacted their perceived value. I was able to raise my prices while showing an increased value, which made them more desirable to my clients. I also started doing in-person ordering sessions and holy wow, did my sales increase! Courtney teaches some great tips on how to maximize that experience and they work!
Stephanie Newbold
Stephanie Newbold Seniors

Before taking Get Schooled Photo I had a camera and a business name. Get Schooled Photo helped me to build a solid, successful business. I couldn’t be more thankful to Courtney and all the other amazing teachers for helping me to improve my over all session experience! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!
Jessica Slingerland
Buttonfield Photography

Seriously. Courtney is a great teacher. She doesn’t just tell you “here is what you do because I think it’s the best way”. She explains the reasoning behind everything she does and she is totally willing to share her expertise! She will make you feel confident in what you are doing & that definitely makes it easier to try something new with your business.
Olivia Renee
Olivia Renee Photography

Courtney really rocked my business world. She is firm and commanding but she gave me freedom to think in a new way. Lots of people say “charge what your worth” that thought process has never worked for me. Its too personal, especially when its about your art. Courtney has a different approach that makes more sense and she drove home the importance of making a living, while being with your family and not burning out! She is like meeting with a financial advisor that is an artist, a mom and a wife! I walked away ready to make a living and do what I love. Courtney empowers you to make your passion your business and gives you the verbal, finical and psychological tools to do so… She was my kick in the pants to success in my business!
Carmen Evans
Love Carmen Rose

Oh man! Well, its crazy!!! I actually took this course in the process of an out of state move and I just couldn’t wait to get things going. I felt that since I was in a new state, a new place, I had a new start and being that I took SRBP I was able to start off on the right foot and lay the ground work to build up my business. I started the building and foundation prep in June of 2012 and I opened my business in Sept of 2012. With in the first month I had 6 clients and 4 Model Reps for the class of 2013. By that November I had 14 Class of 2014 Model Reps and by the time Feb of 2013 came, I was beginning to book my spring and summer for the Class of 2014. It was like WILD FIRE! Seriously!! By the end of May I was completely booked for the Summer and I currently am booked out till the end of Oct. SRBP changed my business because I implemented what I learned and I followed the process. I now have a successful business that has actual clients coming in and paying me what I feel I’m worth! lol, which is a crazy awesome feeling!
Amanda Navarro
Amanda Mae Photography

Senior Blueprint Rocks! I have been a photography for a long time. I have really only ever wanted to specialize in Seniors and Boudoir. Being new to our location, I have been photographing a little bit of everything. It was not making me happy. I signed up for the class, and it was quite a ride! I had been making lists and planning a lot of different things for my Senior Business. Senior Blueprint gave me new direction on a few things and affirmed the way I was heading on several others. That gave me the confidence to step out and actually make those change and move my business forward. Since beginning the Senior Blueprint, my business has blossomed! Business has multiplied. My first quarter of 2014 has been the busiest and best of any in more than 10 years of business. Thank you so much, Courtney and Staff! Pam Rowell
Pam Rowell Photography

This course has been very helpful, being new to the senior portrait side of business, it gives you a good foundation to get started. I have started implementing some of the info, getting my prices where they need to be, in person sales, and just the overall senior experience. I am just part time right now, but in almost 2 months have tripled my take home per session, and have been booked solid for this spring senior season.Looking forward to good things ahead. Would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to start a high school senior business. Thank you so much Courtney and all the other teachers for the time involved in teaching this course.
Glenn Preuett
Preuett Photography



Luxe in Las Vegas – Video by Sammie D Photography

This fusion video that Sammie of Sammie D Photography created perfectly captured the day. We had such a good time, so many beautiful images, friends, laughter and learning. I am so proud of this event and my fellow teachers. It was an honor!

Sammie Hall
Sammie D Photography


Luxe in Las Vegas – J Rey Seniors





Luxe in Las Vegas produced stunning images and the images sent in by J Rey Seniors prove that the Roman Goddess shoot was nothing short of outstanding. I am so thankful to my clothing sponsor Riff Raff for this gorgeous dress!  Styling this shoot was so much fun and I love Jared’s unique take on these shots.

Jared’s shooting and editing style is so beautiful, each image compliments the next. Thank you Jared for the submission.

JRey Seniors

jaredrey-getschooled-vegas-10 jaredrey-getschooled-vegas-08 jaredrey-getschooled-vegas-11 jaredrey-getschooled-vegas-09


Luxe in Las Vegas 2014 – Susan Kendall Photography


The joy I feel from seeing these images pour in can’t even be explained. Thank you Susan for sending along a few of your favorites and thank you for your kind words which I hope you don’t mind I shared below. . .

Courtney, Thank you so much!  I had the BEST time at the workshop and really enjoyed meeting all of you!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and working so hard to put on such an amazing workshop! – Susan Kendall

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Susan Kendall
Susan Kendall Photography