Client Gifts from Photographers

I just shared a post over on Folio Love about sending your clients gifts for the holidays, that post outlines why I think it’s so super important.  I thought all of you would enjoy the so I am re posting only the gift ideas here with ways you can customize them for your School Portrait divisions!  To read the full post head on over to FOLIO LOVE blog

There are nine super easy, inexpensive gifts you can give your clients this holiday season.

  1. Beautiful Book Mark – Every time they read they will think of you!
  2. The photo memory game! so cute. I think you should also include your logo into the mix, also maybe a few outtakes, crop in close on hands, etc! Make them laugh and be surprised as they play the game.
  3. Tile Coaster with images from their shoot!
  4. Coffee Cozy These are so cute and easy to throw in an envelope!
  5. Cute little hair accessories are always fun!
  6. Hand Warmers – Love these from a fab etsy seller!
  7. Custom Key chain! You could even iron on a photo from the shoot to a piece of fabric, wow that would blow there minds for sure.
  8. Give the Gift of Food – How about coming up with a weeks worth of quick dinner recipes for your family clients. Every family needs a few great, quick, healthy meal ideas.
  9. Magnets – Again instead of pattern paper how about using images from the shoot!

Ok, now let’s adapt those to fit within the needs of your school portrait division.

1. Great gift for all the teachers to thank them for ‘putting up’ with you!  Maybe even make a cheaper, laminated book mark for all the kids. No choking hazards items, just a simply cute design so they will remember you. As always include your logo and phone number in non obtrusive way.

2. Wouldn’t that memory game be an amazing thank you gift to the schools?  You could create a memory game for each classroom or if the school is small simply use each child’s image and break it up into different boxes so many smaller groups of kids can play at once.  Yes, it would add a tad bit of work to your work flow but it would be another way to REALLY stand out from the crowd.

3. Hhmmm not really sure how to adapt that one. What do you think?  How could we work that into the schools as a gift?

4. Every teacher would LOVE one of these.  Another ‘Thanks for hiring/helping me’ gift

5. Flower can be turned into a pin for a teachers coat or sweater.

6. Again amazing little gift for teachers when they go out on the playground for recess! An apple shape would be the CUTEST.

7. The keychain can be given to EVERY parent in the school. Do not customize them with images of the kids however maybe create a cute graphic design in PSD something like ‘ I heart [insert school name] and iron it on to fabric and then on the flip side have your logo.

8. Again a gift you can send home with each child that orders prints.  Come up with 7 quick, healthy, kid friendly, easy dinner recipes.  Parents will think this is the COOLEST most thoughtful thing ever!  Don’t forget to have your logo and phone number printed on each card.

9. One large tile magnet per child would be easy to make & parents would LOVE it.

We have created a few templates for you. They are our gift to you this holiday season!

We have a magnet template and a key tag template for you!  Would you like us to send them to you?  Sign up for the Homeroom newsletter, confirm you want to hang out in the homeroom by checking your email in box for the confirmation email and then we will get those out to everyone in the Homeroom on Monday.